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Lambs to Slaughter



        The sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter.  The role we all play at one time or another.  We know it is happening, yet we cannot stop it, cannot reject our fate, that of doom, foreseen at the dawning of time, the prophecy of which is handed down from generation to generation, not in words of wisdom spoken from parent to child, but from actions.  The actions we all make, attempting to ease our bitter existence, to give ourselves a respite, even just one momentís worth, so that we will know it is not all in vain, that our lives do occur for a reason, and a reason beyond that we are here to be tortured by some "supreme being".  Yet even as we go through these motions, we know deep within that it is pointless to try, that our actions will not prove anything, even if we do succeed.  For just one moment we may be able to unlock the chains which bind our hears, and fly free, far from ourselves, like a bird on the warm currents of a mid-summerís afternoon, floating lazily along under the sun, going where we choose.  But then, after that moment, another problem plagues us, bringing us back to ourselves and once more encasing our hearts in the locks and chains of pain and misery which we wear.  And once more we are led to slaughter.


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