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Impossibly Possible



        The universal speed limit? Ha! I can go ten times, no a hundred times, the speed of light. Newton? Gallileo? Their laws? Fools, the bunch of them, and their supposed "laws" are all a bunch of poppy cock.

        I can fly. I can break all the laws of physics, and all of this before breakfast. I can create worlds, for I wield the power of the gods.

        In fact, I donít need to fly. With a thought I can go from one place, and time, to another. Time travel? No problem. Past, present, future... they are all the same to me. I can exist in multiple places, at the same time. Alternate dimensions? I thrive on these.

        I can beat Superman in hand to hand combat, and send all the best fighters in the world home crying. I can convince the devil to set himself on fire. Or better yet, even to sell his soul to me.

        Impossible? It means nothing to me. There is nothing that I cannot do. Speak an alien language? Hey, I taught them how to speak.

        Whatís that? You ask me how I can do this? Isnít it obvious? I can do it all with the power of my imagination.


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