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Let the Games Begin



        The opening ceremony is not like that of the Olympic Games, but more like the opening of a fight.  The warriors come filing out of their respective boxes, and form their ranks, two lines each, across the field from one another.  Their lines are small, only sixteen men to a side, and a few are women.

            One side wears the color white, the other black.  They stand upon the field, facing each other, impassive looks upon their nondescript faces.   The warriors stand at the ready, their kings behind or beside them, in the ranks, as they all await their orders from someone else.  The kingdoms for which they fight are unknown, and if they are captured, they’ll not die.  Only be exchanged back again at the end of the fighting.  Each side has a higher power than their king controlling them, and upon these depends the outcome.

            Slowly, they advance toward each other, front lines moving forward to allow the entrance of the rear-ward lines into the fray.  The cavalry enters quickly, and is soon lost, while bishops roam the field, in their backward manner, acting as if they are invincible.

            The ravens attack swiftly, without mercy, capturing queens, and cornering kings, who narrowly avoid being taken.  Finally the warriors are reduced to a few per side, and then white, in one sweeping move, corners King Black, claiming victory for his master.

            Then the pieces are exchanged, and placed across the board again.  White moves first, with his pawn, beginning another game of chess.


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