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My Dance With Her



    That was a great night!  Most of my friends had shown up to

the dance, and the whole crowd was laughing and having a good

time.  I was having a blast, but I could tell she wasn't.  So I

decided to dance with her.

    I walked over to the D.J., and asked a question.  With a single

yes, half the work was done.  In just a few moments my favorite

song would begin to play.

    I looked across the floor at her.  She was so beautiful, and the

low light set the mood perfectly.

    Normally, this is where the guy goes over to the girl, and asks

her to dance.  I must have missed the day they taught that in

class, though.  I want to make her happy, and there is only one

way for me to do that.

    So, instead of going to her, I walked over, and sat down next

to him,  After a moment, I finally got my tongue to work, and

then I asked him to do me a favor: when the next song starts,

ask her to dance.

    And with that, it was done.  I got up and walked away, to the

far side of the dance floor.  I wanted her so bad, I wanted to

make her happy, so I had to give her away.

    So, that night I gave her the dance she wanted, and I'm still

trying to give her the guy she wants.

    I stepped back into the shadows as the song started up.  I

watched him walk over to her, take her hand, and lead her onto

the floor.  I saw the look of adoration on her face, and I knew I

had accomplished what I wanted.

    I think the part that hurt the most was giving up my favorite

song.  But I'd do it all again.


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