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Hold Fast



Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die,

Life is a broken-winged bird,


That cannot fly.

If dreams are birds,

Then Iím an Eagle

Graceful, lovely,



Flying through the sky,

High overhead,

Soaring, flowing,

Screaming, diving.


Should my dream end,

So should my flight.

Never more to feel the wind,

Free upon my face.


This fear is what keeps me alive,

The fear of ending,

Of dreaming never more,

To sit among man without a way to escape.


My dreams are my escape,

My way to really live.

It is my way to be,

All that I want to be.


Without my dreams,

My life would be devoid,

For I cannot really live,

Not without dreams.


Hold fast to dreams,

All who hear,

Hold onto them,

Your dreams so dear.


For only in your dreams

Can you begin your journey,

The journey along

Lifeís narrow way.


Dreams allow freedom,

An escape,

A way to get away from the pain,

The misery.


If dreams are birds,

Them Iím an Eagle,

Graceful, Lovely,



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