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My Dream of Me



Last night I lay,

            Wide awake.

Yet even though,

            I did not sleep,


            I dreamt.


I dreamt of pain.

            I dreamt of love.

I dreamt of Love replacing Pain.

            In a world

All my own.


I dreamt of you.

            I dreamt of me.

I dreamt of you alone with me,

            In a world

All my own.


All night I lay




Then a final dream,

            Before I drifted

Off to sleep.

            I dreamt of me,

Not as I am,

            Nor as I was,

But as I will be.


I sat alone,

            Without a friend,

I hurt from pain,

            Quite recent.

Yet none was there,

            To comfort me.


Then along you came,

            And made the hurt

Go away.


And that was my dream

            Of me (and You).


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