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The Day is Over



            The day is over.  It has been long but it has reached its end.  Now we sit together beneath the sky, dreaming, and feeling secure in the fact that we are together.

            A lone bird cries out in the nearby forest, and its cry, which would chill most people to the bone, it only makes us feel more together.  Now we are two people, but we are not alone any more.  We understand there is a bond between us, a bond that cannot be separated by anything.

            Our dreams will take us on a long list of adventures, and we will come through each unscathed, and by each otherís side.  They say that love conquers all, and the way our hearts feel, we both believe that now.

            And so we sit by each other, and dream of unachievable feats, that we can survive anything, so long as we have each other.

            The only thing that is left is you and I, and now we are one.  So there is only us.  The rest of the world is just a dream.  It is our dream, ripe for the picking.


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