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Moonlight Dance



The moonlight bends and curves,

Dancing on the winds it swerves.

Falling onward ever toward me,

Shining bright that I may see.

There I stand, upon my dreams,

In that place where everything it seems,

Is real as all the rest of the world.

Then I awake and am quickly hurled,

Back again to reality,

Yet never more to sanity.

For visions seen often become,

Visions left for all or some.

My visions though, will all come true,

Then each will be a much brighter hue.

For you see, reality is not what it seems,

For reality was originally just dreams.

Someone wished and fought and tried,

Truly maybe even died,

To make for me and you,

What we now see as true.

Therefore, take not reality for granted,


Yet strive always for your wish to be granted.


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