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Land of Life



        Come along, join me on a journey.  Let us leave this place behind, and we will search for a better place… a wondrous place of beauty, far better than this.

            Let us spread our imaginations, and use them as our wings.  Then we can fly to the beautiful land of our minds.  Once there, we can lay in the shade of thousand year old trees, or bask in the sun beside a cool flowing river.  We can run over the fields of wildflowers, or walk in the unmarked forests.

            Let me show you around this place.  For the best view, let us to the top of that mountain…

            Now, if you look to your left, there are the plains of Childhoood, they are ever place that you knew as a child, every place you cared about, all that was natural.  On the far side of the plains are the Swamps of Adulthood.   You and I have not yet reached that place, nor do I long to.

            I have had glimpses of that place, and know its other name is Misery, and no one that is lost within its bounds longs to be there.  And many who walk unknowin into its mire can never find their way back to the plains.  And after a while, they lose their power, the greatest power of a child: the power of imagination.

            Yet there are a seldom few who do not lost that power, and ever after decades in the swamps, these are able to freely walk through the plains.

            But on with the tour.  On your right are the Hill os Infatuation, the love of children.  And running through these hills is a road.  It is a bumpy road, and a lon road, for it is the road to True Love.  To journey its full length is very hard, for there are pitfalls and sudden, unknowing turns and twists.  However, if two can make the journey and not get lost along the way, when they reach their destination, the rewards they receive are far greater than any other in life.

            Straight ahead lies the Sea of Sanity.  There are a great many ships that traverse its waves, and follow its great tides, and those are fine.  But there are also those who know not how to pilot their crafts upon its waters, and these will eventually sink. 

            And, as they sink into those cold waters, they lose their last grip on what we call “reality”, sinking into the depths of insanity.

            Next, if you face the other direction; in that direction lies the Lake of Ability and Knowledge.  Many people swim within its waters, but few ever dive deep within its depths, and those are known as geniuses.  The deeper that you delve, the more knowledge that you gain.

            And lastly, the mountain upon which we stand, it is called the Mountain of Acheivement.  Some never begin to scale it’s sides, and some lose their hold on its faces.  However, there are a great many who reach its peak, and feel themselves completely successful. Though they may not reach what another feels is the top, they reach their personal pinnacle.

            And this is all that makes up this land, the Land of Life.


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