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The Blind Lead the Blind



        The blind lead the blind.  And they always wind up in the ditch…or over the cliff.  Of course, if the blind would just open their eyes, the whole mess could be avoided.  But that would be just too easy.  

            So we close our eyes, in an attempt to hide the truth from ourselves.  And in so doing, we also miss the rose that stands in the middle of the bush of thorns.

            And once our eyes are closed, our ears soon follow.  Not only do we not wish to see, but to hear the truth would be just as bad.  So we deafen our ears, and ignore the problem.  And in so doing, we miss the song of the bird.

            So open your eyes, and your ears.  Do not settle for the first answer, or the easiest.  I beg thee, search for the blood red rose, and the song of the nightingale, for in their sight, and their hearing, there lies the answers to all the questions.  Indeed, to the very question of life itself.  All the answers are held in these.

            So I ask... will you open your eyes?  And your ears?  Or will you go on, deaf and blind, through all your days?  Will the blind lead the blind forever?


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